Fairwell 2008

A New Year...

Well I have so much to be thankful for... where do I start. I suppose with the fact that at this moment, I am sitting in my new comfy pants, in my new slippers, in my new house. Then of course there is Jackson, my happy, healthy baby boy... and his birth that was so amazing. It was definately a year of new beginnings.

As for 2009, there is so much I am looking forward to. A new president, going back to school, continuing to work on making my new house a home. And of course all the little day to day moments that really make my life mine... mothering, writing, creating.

Cheers to a new year.


Christmas Highlights

1.Jackson laughing hysterically at Grace (and only Grace, apparently we're not that funny)
2.Eating way too many cookies
3.Being a part of three Christmas dinners
4.My beautiful new storing jars
5.Grace telling me she "loves and appreciates me"
6.Grace trying to figure out which Santa is coming "the blue one or the red one"
7.Seeing even Jackson enjoy playing with his new gifts
8.Going out to dinner with friends and laughing loudly
9.The snow
10. Sitting in front of a hot fire


There she is. All three years of her.

We had a party and I think she thoroughly enjoyed it. Just family as usual. That's her eating her first cupcake and loving it. She got some very special gifts. I feel so lucky to have a family who takes the time to think of (or make) thoughtful things just right for her.

I know it's such a cliche but I just so can't believe she's three. She was Jackson's age just 10 minutes ago I swear. Just yet another reminded to charish these moments... before I know it they'll be gone.



Well not to many handmade things this year but I did have time for a few. Grace and I made the soy candles together, they are her gifts to grandmas and aunts. The felt balls were harder then I thought, though once I got the pattern right they turned out pretty good (the first one is more of a pumpkin shaped ball). I kind of love them. The pattern was a free one that I must remember where I found?

I pretty much spent the entire day cleaning and preparing. Grace's birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe she's going to be three, that just seems so old. And then the Christmas festivities begin. My list today (which I can happily say I crossed everything off) was actually quite enjoyable:
Finish making candles
Bake cupcakes
5 loads of laundry
Finish baby ball
Vacuum everywhere
Clean and pick up
And now I am sitting in a very clean house with stacks of folded laundry and finished gifts waiting to be wrapped. A nice way to go to bed I must say.


Bird's Eye View

Well first of all, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for my attitude today. Much better. And it was a fun (and very snowy) day. All four of us went out to lunch and went Christmas shopping which went surprisingly well considering we have two kids under 3. Then this afternoon I got to do some sewing (more on this later) and Ryan took us up in the boom truck which is where these pictures are from. He has it here so we can use it next spring to paint the barn. I am excited to get back up there and take more pictures, it was an amazing view. Especially today with the snow.


Christmas Preperations Take 2

Geeez. I'm having one of those days. One of those days where the mom who normally is present to mother our children has apparently stepped out (maybe for a vacation, I'm not sure). Anyway, some new short-fusey, irritable, impatient mom has taken over. I'm really not a fan of this lady at all! Plus it's Christmas, my faaaavorite time of year, which is why I should be in a splendid mood. But I'm not. And what's really dumb is that I think I'm letting my "Christmas to do list" drag me down. How ridiculous is that? I should just throw it away then because if I can't be happy while I'm buying or making gifts then what's the point anyway? Okay from here on out I'm going to make an attitude adjustment. I'm now aware of the problem and I'm ready for some happy holiday spirits. Let's try this again...



Ryan and I took Grace to see a play last night. She absolutely loved it. It was the first time the three of us have done something without Jackson and I think she really liked that too. On the way home she suggested we "leave Jackson at Grammie's for a sleepover".
Though I adore being a parent to two little ones, it really makes me excited for all the fun things we'll get to do with them as they get older too. All the places there are to see, all the wonderful things to learn about, what an honor to get to be the first person to share that with them.


My Sunrise

And here again is that beautiful sunrise I talked about that I am so lucky to wake up to everyday. And just in case I ever forget, those curtains hanging on the wall there are white, so that beautiful orange color is courtesy only of nature herself. Sure helps a girl get out of bed in the morning (even if it is early... and cold).



Well, a little different then the moment Grace and I had the other day baking muffins but still fun! And delicious!



I finally unburied my sewing machine last night and spent a couple hours sewing some new pillows for the playroom. I just love that elephant fabric. I'm thinking of maybe painting some elephants on the wall? Or paint a boarder like their bedroom?
The old me would have loved to get every room painted and decorated in this house within five minutes after moving in. As a result, there would end up being a lot that I wouldn't be happy with and would probably end up redoing at some point. The new me (HA) is really trying to take my time and contemplate each room. Colors, functions, accessories... what would make each space really beautiful, usable, and inspiring. I'll admit that while I do get slightly annoyed at times that everything isn't just done now, I am noticing two differences; whenever I do work on something it is really enjoyable... and I really appreciate the finish product when I am done. I also going to start a collage board of home ideas to help me keep visualizing what I want. Maybe I'll do some of that on this blog too?


That's My Boy...

Looking rather girlish in Grace's pink kitty hat (that still fits her by the way) but also so peaceful... and innocent... and just plain lovely. This is how I know I must have more children. I just can't be done gazing upon such delicate lips, and chubby checks, and glowing skin. I can't.



I had this great morning yesterday that I just really want to remember. Grace was in a really good mood (with all of the changes that have happened in our life lately I've grown accustom to some wild mood swings). After I put Jackson down for his morning nap Grace and I had the best time making muffins. It was a fresh new activity (I'm pretty tired of "okay mama, let's pretend you're the baby and I'm the mama") that had us both excited and in good spirits. When they were finished we sat and listened to Christmas music as we enjoyed our hot apple cinnimon muffins together. It was only a few months ago that I tried making a pie with her without much success. It is amazing how fast she changes and is suddenly ready for something that it seems like only minutes earlier she wasn't. Anyway, I definately have found a new hobby for us!



Today I am having this overwhelming feeling of intense gratitude for everything I have in my life right now. As Grace and I were sitting at the table eating our lunch, and I was watching the big white snowflakes falling, and listening to Christmas music, and holding my healthy baby boy, I felt so completely... full. Just full and filling over with gratitude and joy. And I keep having flashbacks to last year at this time when so much was going in my life, cancerous tumors, financial hardships, and now just a year later...this. I love this. I know nothing ever stays the same, good or bad. "This too shall pass" is something always playing in the back of my head, but for today and all of the days ahead, where I just get to simply enjoy these moments of bliss... to the heavens I will continue to say, from the bottom of my heart... thank you.



I've been looking in the mirror lately and realizing how frumpy I've been looking over the past few weeks. Fine, months. It's just that something has to give when life gets really busy, and for me that's my appearance I guess. Sometimes I wish I could wear a small disclaimer that apologized to anyone who has to look at me and explain that yes, I am aware of the problem, and I'll be back to caring again soon.

In the mean time, I'm considering taking a page out of Grace's book and just abandoning clothes altogether. It seems to work well for her.


So about this move anyway...

Well, I'm not sure it's fair that I just skipped almost the entire month of November being it was such a big month. Yes, there were a few little posts and some pictures here and there but mostly my blogging efforts would lead me to remember the month of November as well, not much. I think it deserves at least one decent, juicy post highlighting some of the good and not so good happenings this month.

So here goes...
Leaving our old house felt oddly...sudden. I mean we had been trying to pack and had got a lot of things carefully wrapped and boxed up. Even labeled as to what was inside and what room to place them in. And I had visions, and intentions (good intentions) of thoroughly documenting our home by taking the video camera through each room, capturing all the little details of what had been our life for the last three years. Then moving day came. Suddenly there was no time for videoing or even picture taking. Not that I would have even wanted to anymore anyway as everything was in complete chaos. And what had started out as such as organized attempt at packing, very quickly became a mad rush of throwing whatever into whatever. I will say we were lucky to have so many dedicated helpers with us that day or we would probably still be moving (for real). But the aftermath was hard to sort threw, especially with two little kids. Not to mention one of whom was (and is) still trying to adjust to a new brother and now a new room, and home, and life. So, for the next few weeks there were many tears and "I miss my old home" talks. And lots of new behavior for this tired mom to try and deal with. Then there was the unpacking and unpacking and unpacking, which had to take place in between meals, and laundry, and bedtimes, and well all the usual stuff. Add to that a two year old who would spend every waking moment playing "you're the baby, I'm the mommy" if I would so oblige. Well and of course don't forget about 4 month old Jackson. Mix all this together and it is the perfect recipe for an overwhelmed, slightly crabby, very sleep deprived me.

However, in between all of these moments (amazing there was anymore room) were glimpses. Just little glimpses of what life would be like once the smoke clears. Like the first few days after we moved in when November tried to pretend to be September. It was sunny and beautiful and we spent as much time as we could outside (getting a taste of what it will be like to live here next spring) playing "guys" on the deck, going for walks, and exploring the overgrown paths and trails through the woods. Then there were all the firsts; first sit down dinner together, first sleep in our new rooms, first bath in the big claw foot tub, oh and first trip taking the garbage out (I have always had a long haul to take garbage out but I think this one takes the cake). There was the day Ryan and Grace went out to do their "farm chores" which I have no idea what these were but loved it anyway. There was the morning of the first snow when Jackson was sleeping and Grace and I went out to play and marvel in it. There's the always present (and most wonderful) underlying feeling of peacefulness- not sure if it's the privacy, the trees, the lack of traffic, or just the knowing that I have finally come home- but it is constantly making me take note of where I am and give thanks. And then there is the beautiful, indescribable fiery orange sunrise that greats me every morning through the bedroom windows, gently reminding me how lucky I am.

All in all, a month I do not want to forget.

Random Thoughts...

I was poking around on facebook tonight and realized pretty much everyone I know has a facebook account. Very tempting to me... but I know me, and I'll just spend way too much time playing on it. This would be fine if I had way too much time, but I don't. Someday though...or at least I hope way too much time is in my future. Preferably the near future.

Our entire house smells like pine and eucalyptus right now thanks to this yummy essential oils blend that supposedly helps with colds. We've been using it everywhere... tubs, humidifiers, hot wash clothes. Not sure if it's working but sure makes everything smell good.

I took a nap today. A nap. A well earned, delicious, two hour nap.

I made soup tonight again for the second time in a week. This is an accomplishment for many reasons... kids, moving, unpacking, sicknesses... We've been eating so much premade food lately, to be able to actually make a meal feels so, normal. Things are finally starting to slow down again. Love it.

Christmas cards. Love them too. But I do way to clearly remember what it was like to be forced to take pictures for them. I was never a fan of that. So I try to be more causal about it so as not to permanently scar my kids like I was (not an exaggeration). But today for some reason I felt I need to get it done so after breakfast I attempted to take my last picture which was met with tears and resistance. I finally gave up and minutes later was able to capture this real moment that is so much cuter. Lesson learned.


The First Thanksgiving Dinner

It was perfect. Mostly anyway. We did forget the potatoes and gravy. And Grace and Jackson were both getting over being sick (note her pajamas). Oh and our house has an entire room filled with boxes that we still haven't gotten to yet. But really somehow still, it was perfect. I love this house and I loved having thanksgiving here with my family. (Did I mention my husband was wearing sweatpants and a camouflaged hat?)