I've left this space before for a period of time but never for this long. A lot as happened in 5 months.  As much as I wish I had the record of our lives here, the time away was needed and good for me.  I have been a bit of a lost soul as of late. But now I am starting to feel like I'm emerging (not sure from what yet) and I'm ready to be back.  I miss this little record of my life.  It makes me happy.  I kept wondering how I would return (would I try and go back and post about all we'd done?  Just skip over it?) and then I decided to figure that out later.  For now, just this.



Field Trip: The Arboretum


We are studying botany this year and so it only seemed fitting that our first field trip of the year be the arboretum.

{Doing some bark rubbings and leaf collecting}

{Picnic lunch in the "tree house"}

{Playing at their favorite little houses.  Jackson was the wolf hiding in the corner.}

{The four of us visiting my grandma's bench}

{Sketching some flowers}


{Dreaming of all the Dahlias I will plant next year}



They got so into drawing the flowers.  They didn't want to leave even when I told them we might be in traffic.  On the way home I asked what they thought of their first field trip.  Well, they all concluded, trying to be very respectful as they responded (as we had just been talking about this very thing), it was a fun field trip but not the funnest field trip.  I reminded them that most field trips will not be the funnest field trip, in fact technically only one field trip a year could win the funnest field trip award (and yes, I know most people say funnest isn't a word but it turns out it is).  Anyway I told them, you didn't want to go home which means you were engaged in your learning which is how a teacher would measure whether or not it was a successful field trip.

It was good to see my Grandma's bench too.  She's been showing up in my life lately in her tiny magical ways.  Plus visiting her bench means they ask me questions about her and I get to tell them about her.  I love that.