Feeling Grateful

Tonight 001
Gardens in the making

Tonight 006
Bookshelves in the making

After we get Grace and Jackson to bed at night there is suddenly this two hour pocket of time to be outside before it gets dark. It's such a peaceful time to be out doing our work. For some reason the quiet evenings always inspire me to pause momentarily, take a deep breath, and look around me... which leaves me with such a deep sense of gratitude.

I feel so blessed for where we are in our lives at this moment.



The Best Thing To Do

In these situations, when faced with another rainy and cold spring day, and snow is once again in the forecast, the best thing to do is focus on yesterday. Cause yesterday was so good.
We spent the entire day outside...

Goodday 020
playing in the new sandbox

Goodday 002
hiking all the way across this field (without mama)

Goodday 005
to land here for a snack

Goodday 011
yes there was a lot of rucksack adventuring

Goodday 001
I spent most of my day with this in my hands, happily getting the gardens ready, and...

Goodday 023
filling all 13 new garden beds with the fresh black dirt that arrived

Goodday 026
We ended our day with homemade pizza using our fresh oregano and spinach. So delicious.

Yes, yesterday was good.


Easter and Rucksacks (Mostly Rucksacks)

Easter11 003

Our Easter morning started (ahem, at 6) with Grace and Jackson coming downstairs to find the "rucksacks" I had made for them. I worked so hard the few nights before Easter and was so excited for them to see them. They have been talking so much about the adventures they are going to have this summer around here trekking through the woods "by themselves"... I knew this would be the perfect bag for such an adventure.

Easter11 002

And they did seem to be a pretty big hit, beginning with the Easter egg hunt as they used them to collect their eggs in.

Easter11 007

Easter11 008

Easter11 009

After they found all the goodies that the Easter bunny had left, and after we had eaten a big pancake breakfast (we can't get enough of the syrup), we all went out to play in one of the nicest days we've had this spring. The rucksacks came too (so a few more pics of those)...

Easter11 013

Easter11 015

Easter11 017

Easter11 021

Before having lunch and going to the cities to see our families we ended our morning together with a nice walk. It was a really beautiful morning and so nice to have such a slow, gentle start to our day.

Easter11 032

The rest of our day was really nice too, spent at my parent's house with both of our families and 12 chickens. Yes, we brought the chickens. Of course we brought the chickens. Who leaves their chickens home on Easter. Certainly not us. I don't have any pictures to show but there were 17 people, loads of sugar in all it's glory (and children who ate more sugar in one day then they had eaten in a whole year) and 12 chickens. Whatever you're picturing in your head is probably about accurate.

It was a good Easter.

First Some Catch Up

Tomorrow is our last day of spring break. Before I post about Easter I thought I should give some highlights of our time off. While the weather wasn't exactly delightful (until today that is) and it did even snow (more then once!) It was a really nice two weeks off.

Today 011
We did some painting.

Today 003
We were thoroughly entertained by the wild turkeys who came visit us every morning at breakfast time.

Today 012
Went out to tea with Grandma Lee (and even though he doesn't look real pleased in this picture that is the outfit he picked out to wear).

Easter11 012
Made sun catchers with Grandma Sam.

Today 027
Looked for wildlife at the pond.

Today 014

Today 031
And had a picnic in the tepee.

We also...
planted peas (on April 18th... so I know for next year),
made monster cookies (yum!),
had a really great day at the library,
did some sewing together,
and worked outside a ton (well when it wasn't snowing that is).
It was a very nice, much needed spring break.


Feelin' Farmy

Farmy 016
Fresh flowers blooming

Farmy 019

Farmy 015
Apple trees planted

Farmy 023
Peas soaking

Farmy 010
Spinach growing (from last fall... I unknowingly overwintered it!)

Farmy 009
Asparagus up

Farmy 008
Sap boiling

Farmy 006
Chicks peeping

It was a very fun, full weekend.



chicks 001

chicks 062

chicks 065

chicks 070

chicks 029

chicks 059

chicks 063

chicks 060

chicks 041

chicks 074

chicks 083

chicks 084

The moment finally arrived. As a parent it was better then Christmas. Seeing the joy on their face when I walked in the door with that peeping box will forever be etched in my heart.

I was so surprised (and relieved being he's only two) by how gentle Jackson was able to handle them. And Grace learned that if you rub the top of their head and sing them a song they go right to sleep... so precious!

We decided to go with a variety of chicks- 6 Buff Orpingtons, 3 Australorps, and 3 Brahmas. The Buff Orpingtons will be a beautiful orange color (the prettiest chicken if you ask me), the Australorps will be black, and the Brahmas white. They are all suppose to be cold hardy, good layers, and gentle with children... but we will see I guess.

Now only 5 more months until farm fresh eggs...

(ps I cheated on the banner up there. Those flower bloom pictures are from last year. It will be another 5 days or so before they look like that this year. Just trying to move spring along a bit... even if it's only in my head)


chicks 040



Sunday 008

Sunday 003

Sunday 011

Shorts (gotta love that outfit)
Lunch on the picnic table
More garden beds built
New screen door on
More flowers blooming
Taco salad for dinner
It almost felt like summer...