Random Thoughts


~After insulating our house a few months ago we are now embarking on the huge project of residing it.  At the moment Ryan (with help from our parents) has pulled about a third of it off.  This is very exciting.  Although the process of a huge dumpster in our yard and "siding paper" (I don't know the name of it) flapping in the wind around our house is not.

~ Speaking of things not exciting or inspiring, I realized I'm not really a fan of this time of year.  Or maybe I already knew that but I'm just remembering.  Everything is still brown and bare outside, lost mittens and last year's half finished kid projects (the plywood box that was built and packed with snow to be used as a jump for example) now exposed from the melted snow.  Blah.

~ Oh while I'm on this tangent, I should talk about food.  Not excited or inspired there either.  Last month Katie came over to help me meal plan.  Then I went to the library and left with a stack of cookbooks.  For a few weeks I felt re-energized by the idea of cooking for my family.  I made a lot of new things.  Korean ribs, maple cider pulled chicken, lamb stew, and others I don't remember.  Out of all that only one meal was hit for ALL of my people.  One.  It doesn't help that I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy either I suppose.  But I think what I really need is my garden.

~ On a more positive note, my kids are amazing.  Everyday they ask me how I'm feeling.  They let me take naps.  They surprise me and put all the laundry away.  One day when they noticed I was feeling stressed while getting dinner on the table Grace sat me down and gave me a hand massage while Jackson finished getting the table set.  So amazing.  I am so blessed.

~ Also on a positive note, last week I started school again as well as two internships.  It was a very full week.  Given the fact that my sickness was at it's worst last week and I was feeling so tired, I was very scared I was going to hate all of it.  But instead I felt the opposite.  I'm not sure I can explain it but it feels like exactly what I need in my life right now.

~ While I am not totally over the sickness part, in the last few days I've been able to eat dinner again (as opposed to crackers).  I think I might be over the worst part.

~While early spring is decidedly not my favorite time of year, according to my blog late spring is my favorite time of year here.  I am looking forward to the spring peepers and blooming magnolia tree, which shouldn't be too far away...


Weekend Hightlights



~ Telling our family about baby number 4
~ Having Nora ask every morning since how many days until the baby will be here.
~ Having Jackson come up and hug my tummy several times a day to "snuggle" the baby
~ Having Grace beg me to bring up the baby clothes, which I finally did, and then watching her ooo and ah over each piece of clothing.
~ Getting a lot of next year's firewood chopped
~ Having my dad come out to help
~ Today's warm sun and feeling good enough to be outside in it