Today I decided not to focus on the fiddle bow Jackson broke, or the (loooong) fight about school work Grace and I had, or the unhappy state little Nora was in most of the day.


 Nope.  Instead I kept my heart happy by planting and weeding and moving rocks around (have I talked about rock therapy before?  I must have.)  It was a good day in that garden.  Thank goodness for that.


One moment worth noting (when all three were happy) was the use of their new "invention".  Can't remember what they named it but basically they tied bikes to the wagon and gave Nora rides.  Yes, I'll take that moment to bed with me too.

Field Trip: Peter Pan



Homeschool Group





Today we had the delightful experience of visiting the one-room schoolhouse in Scandia with our homeschool group.  We followed this up with a trip to the bakery in Marine on St. Croix and a hike to the river.


Weekend Highlights






~ Friday Ryan went out with friends after work so I was a single parent all day.  I decided try and be "fun" mom for the day.  "Hey you guys want to go jump on the trampoline with me?"  "Pizza for dinner!"  Stuff like that.  And it was fun.  I think we all had the best day.

~ Saturday our neighbor put together a family nature event at Sunfish Lake Park.  We spent the morning there hiking and learning all about the natural world right out our back door.

~ This also inspired some serious morel mushroom hunting around here.  We enjoyed two dinners with morels this weekend.  My first time trying them... deeeeelicious.

~ So much time in the garden.  We have now planted kale and lettuce (these two were planted a month or so ago), peas, carrots, spinach, radishes, more lettuce, beets, and flowers.  There is so much more to go but it's going to get pretty cold here for the next few nights so I'm holding off a few more days.

~ Watching all three kids enjoying themselves in the garden.  Grace and Jackson getting their soil ready and planting and Nora making some delicious stews.

~ Sitting out on the deck with Ryan Saturday night in candle light listening to the spring peepers.

~ Ending the weekend going out for ice cream.


Two Moments From Our Day

Garden planning...


Tea and a Sparkle Story (a regular afternoon occurrence)


Mother's Day




Mother's Day Weekend Highlights...

~ Friday evening gardening
~ All day out in the garden on Saturday
~ New pea trellises
~ Pea gravel
~ Building new garden beds
~ Dinner in the barn
~ A family bike ride before bed
~ Waking up on Sunday to breakfast in bed
~ Followed by tea in bed
~ Followed by all five of us laying in bed reading
~ Well maybe a few of us were somersaulting in bed
~ But mostly we were reading... and some of us were reading to each other
~ Oh and I guess there may have been some singing as well (not by me)
~ And laughing.  And a lot of looking around trying to take in this scene, it was such a good one.
~ Followed by all five of us jumping on the trampoline (my new favorite way to exercise)
~ Followed by lunch and then 5 hours alone while Ryan brought the kids to his mom's
~ Followed by reading, writing, nap, more gardening.  Alone.
~ Followed by Ryan returning with children and dinner
~ Followed by games and bedtime books
~ Followed by me thinking back on how much I loved this weekend.  It was my favorite mother's day ever (though my kids tell me I say this every year)


Katie and Kris's Cabin






While the boys headed up to Ryan's dad's cabin for some spear fishing last weekend, the girls and I had our own little adventure up to Katie and Kris's cabin.  It was an awesome weekend, complete with ice cream cones, swimming (!?!?!), bonfires and their new dog Mayla.