How It's Going...

morenora 036

~ There are moments when everything is in harmony... when Jackson is vacuuming the floor for me (and doing a spectacular job)... or when Grace is grabbing me another glass of water (I had forgotten about that water/nursing thing)... or when I'm just holding sweet little Nora... and I can't think of a time when I've been happier. My life just feels so full, in a very good way.

~ There are other moments... when Jackson is having a complete melt down because he was asked to pick up the four things he is done playing with... or when Grace is telling me or Ryan we are "mean" for one reason or another... or when all three of them seem to need something at the exact same time... when life feels very intense. And a tad bit overwhelming.

~ Thankfully there are more of the first moments then the second.

~ Sometimes I look around and the house is semi-clean, the laundry is folded, and people have been fed... and I think wow, I've got this.

~ Then I remember I'm still in the "honeymoon" stage of babyhood. She doesn't really do anything except sleep. This is the easy part.

~ Except at night from say three to four.  Not a lot of sleep happening then.

~ But that's okay, I knew what I was signing up for.  To be fair, I might even be getting more sleep then I did when I was pregnant. 

~ Speaking of being pregnant, I sure don't miss it.  That was definitely my hardest pregnancy.

~ It is strange to think I should still be pregnant (I wasn't due for two more days).

~ But back to how it's going... overall I'd say pretty good. 

~ Did I mention I'm in love...



In Love



Happy Birthday Daddy!


We love you!


My First Day Home Alone

Yesterday I got my first dose of reality. I was left alone with all three children... for the whole day.

morenora 022

All in all I'd say it went pretty well. Though not without some noteworthy meltdowns.

morenora 020

But for the most part we did it.

morenora 006

A few things that helped us through the day...
~ books, always books
~ games, "Cooties" on this particular day
~ Sparkle Stories (a gift Grace received for her birthday- love it)
~ quiet time
~ my bed, whether for sleeping or performing (as was the case here) is heavenly... knowing my day ends here can help me through almost any moment.

morenora 017


For Nora

Ryankitchenandnora 028

Last summer I learned how to knit a baby sweater.  I wish I could say I've mastered something else since then but I haven't.  Instead, I just duplicated that same sweater (half a dozen times).  It is so easy and cute, why move on to something else. 

Ryankitchenandnora 021

And when you end up in a hotel for over two weeks and need something to do... making baby pants to match the sweaters is a great fix (the kitten pants actually were made by Grace with some help from Mama).

Ryankitchenandnora 025

Ryankitchenandnora 031

And yes, I made this outfit before I "knew" I was having a girl (but really I always knew you were a girl Nora).


Maybe that's why this outfit is my favorite.  Or maybe it's cause you just look so dang cute in it.


And it seems like you think so too.


6 Days

Ryankitchenandnora 041

"People will tell you so many things, passing on their hindsight and regrets.  Love them when they are little.  Cherish the early days.  I would say it all again, but I'm not sure you can hear it until you reach the other side, open your eyes and let the tears of recognition come.  There is not one piece of life that you can grasp, contain, or keep, not even the life you created and hold right now in your arms"  From the book "Mama Zen" by Karen Maezen Miller (that I am loving right now)

Ryankitchenandnora 032

And so little Nora, I will do my best. 
To live in these fleeting moments. 
To hold you. 
And stare. 
And take in your every breath.

Ryankitchenandnora 034

Because I know that the minute I turn my back, you could emerge into someone new.


Four Day Feet

Nora 005


Home Sweet Home

Nora 048

Nora 049

Nora 056

Nora 061

Nora 063

After being out of our house for 17 days coming home(!) from the hospital felt extra special.  There had been several little angels running around for the last few days (including Ryan) cleaning our house, putting food in our fridge, watching our children... all so when we did finally come home we could relax with our new addition. 

We are so grateful for everyone's help and for finally being back home.

Welcoming Nora

Nora 018

Nora 006


Nora 005

We are all fighting over giving our new little babe some snuggles.  She is just so sweet. 

Nora 065

Being this is the third time around Ryan and I are all too aware of how fast this first new baby stage goes and are trying to enjoy every moment. 

Nora Eileen


6lbs 15ozs
Welcomed into the world at 2:30am in a very fast and intense water birth. 
We are so glad you are here little Nora.


Holiday Handmades (Part II)... For My Kiddos

Christmas11 035

My three kiddos that is.  At least for the first present, which was owl jams. 

Christmas11 031

By the time baby fits into these Grace and Jackson will probably have outgrown them, but oh well.

Christmas11 030

It sure was fun to make a matching set for three!

2012-01-09 18.42.39

The next gift was these cooking bags.  Grace and Jackson have started to help make dinner with me more frequently.  And, unlike when they first started "helping", now it actually is helpful.

2012-01-09 18.40.18

So I wanted them to each have a set of their own cooking tools. 

Christmas11 096

They were pretty excited about this gift, and it has already been used a lot (especially considering we've hardly been home since they got them, this picture was from Christmas Eve as they helped us to chop and peel potatoes).


And the last gift, the one Ryan and I worked on together, were these bow and arrow sets.  I made the quivers for them to keep their arrows in.

2012-01-09 18.47.45

And Ryan made the bows (and he is now hooked on whittling).

2012-01-09 18.46.16

They are loving these as well.  Especially since they can be just like daddy now.

I often think about this gift making tradition that I love so much, trying to figure out exactly what it is that has me so hooked.  After all, it is really time consuming.  I'm not sure I can really put my finger on it except that to me it feels like love.  As I am creating these gifts with my hands I am lovingly holding their spirits in my heart.  I think as the beneficiary of many handmade gifts as a child, I was able to feel that love that was put into the gift, whether it was a dress my grandma made me, the playhouse my dad built, or the cookies my mom made.  And now I see it in my children's eyes when they receive one of the gifts we made them.  There is something just a little extra special about receiving such a gift, and I can sense their joy in it.

I'm sure next Christmas my gift making will slow down considerably with an almost one year old running around to keep me busy, but I sure am thankful for the time I had for it this year.


For Baby


If this baby decided to come the same time Grace did, it would be here in two days.  I tend to have my babies just a bit early. 


But one of the great things about being a mom for the third time (or even the second), is that you know that you really don't need much.  Some soft clothes, a sling, and a cozy place to nap are about it aside from diapers.  So just in case baby does decide to come early (in which case I would be bringing it "home" here), I'm now all set.


I made this little blanket yesterday along with a soft cushion for padding so now baby has a napping place (though do I really ever set my babies down in the first few months of life, no not really).


And even though I do have a few slings, I really wanted to make a wrap for myself (ha, that's me practicing with Grace's baby).  It was about the easiest thing in the world.  I brought 5 yards of 36 inch wide  muslin, hemmed the two ends (for the sides the salvage works great), and added some pretty fabric for the front so I always know where to start.


I love it.  And really now I feel ready no matter where I bring it home to. 
(Plus it couldn't be that bad bringing a baby home to a place where cooking and cleaning are someone else's responsibility.)


Finding Ways


Did you know that there is a way to ensure hours of sewing time in your day, even with two little kids.  Well there is, though it does require a pool.  That's right I brought my sewing machine to the pool.  And we all had the best day. 


Swim and sew we call it.
They'll be more tomorrow.