Weekend Highlights


~ Returning to our old school Friday afternoon for the annual Michaelmas Festival and getting to visit with so many friends we haven't seen in a long time (and the teachers so kindly letting Grace and Jackson partake in the festival games).
~ Watching Jackson's soccer game on Saturday
~ Going for a bike ride with the whole family- twice this weekend
~ The absolutely beautiful weather and the golden fall sun
~ Wandering out to the garden with Nora and collecting another large bag of tomatoes for the freezer (canning day coming up)
~ Reading this book with the kids (I don't want it to end!)
~ Grace and Jackson would want to add that going to Tyler's birthday (mini golfing and riding bikes) was a highlight
~ Going to my parent's for dinner






My Retreat


Stillness is "about creating a clearing.  It's Opening up an emotionally clutter-free space and allowing ourselves to feel and think and dream and question."  Brene Brown (The Gifts of Imperfection)


"When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself.  When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.  Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness."
Eckhart Tolle (Stillness Speaks)


"We need to try to see silence as a living presence for itself, which is primordial and primal, and then see all other things- now experienced deeply- inside of that container."  Richard Rohr (Silent Compassion)

{My room for three nights}

"Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves." Thich Nhat Hahn (The Miracle of Mindfulness)


"There is place where words are born of silence, a place where the whispers of the heart arise." Rumi

{One of the delicious, made with love meals I enjoyed each day}

"Silence precedes, undergrids, and grounds everything.  We cannot just see it as an accident, or as something unnecessary.  But unless we learn how to live there, go there, abide in this different phenomenon, the rest of things- words, events, relationships, identities- all become rather superficial, without depth or context.  They loose meaning." Richard Rohr (Silent Compassion)


I'm not sure I can really put my three night retreat into words.  I read, I painted, I wrote, I walked, and I ate the most nourishing food- but most of all, I was quiet.  Still.  I lit candles, I sat, I listened, I meditated.  I was once again reminded of the importance of taking care of oneself.  But above all else I was reminded of the healing, revitalizing, inspiring and creative power of going within.  Four days later I still feel different.  More peaceful.  Happier.  I am still meditating.  I hope it continues.


Fall Weekend








~ Jackson's first soccer game
~ All of the work we got done this weekend thanks to our generous family who came out to help us saw/stack wood, and catch up on countless other things.
~ Grace surprising me and setting the whole table for dinner while I was gone
~ Making pesto
~ Nora's pigtails
~ The mushroom hunt Katie took the kids on
~ Making pumpkin muffins and (my new favorite) pumpkin pudding


Our First Week of Homeschooling


{a soccer game at Pioneer Park with our homeschool group}




Despite my longing for summer to continue on forever (have I mentioned it was a good one), fall came anyway.  Now that it's here I remembered that I do really love fall as well.  It also felt good to get back into our rhythm of homeschooling.  Aside from starting our regular lessons, we also got together with our (silly) homeschool group, went on our first field trip (Vertical Endeavors), and both Grace and Jackson started some new classes (Soccer (just Jackson), Spanish, Nature Photography, and Irish Dance (just Grace) this week and next week music and golf as well).  It has felt very full but exciting too.  Of course on Monday they were both jumping up and down begging me to start school... and then already by Friday there was some pretty serious complaining about school work.  Hmmm, we will need to work on that or it could end up being a very long year.  Thankfully by Friday afternoon everyone was pretty happy about life again  (though that might have had more to do with the pumpkin muffins).


One More Week of Summer






Last week we made kind of last minute decision and decided to ditch the first week of school and instead follow Ryan up north (where he was working) and sneak in one last week of summer.  I am so glad we did.  This summer has been such a good one, I think we were all a little sad to see it end (for me make that really sad).  The weather was so beautiful and just to have a few more days of nothing was blissful.