The Play


I decided our make up posts would best be divided into two categories- the play, and everything else.


While the year is not over yet, I think I can say for certain that this play was hands down the highlight of their school year.  (All pictures of the play were taken- ahem, against theater rules- by my Dad)


After all of their hard work (rehearsals often four times a week and 45 minutes away), it was such a joy to see them up their performing (and loving every minute).  They did awesome.  I couldn't have been more proud.


After their very first show, I took them both to my favorite coffee shop (where I had spent many rehearsal nights quite enjoying myself) to celebrate.


Then, with only a few hours to spare before their next show, we spent some time in one of my favorite places in the whole world, Interstate Park.  A place I use to spend a lot of time in when they were little.




We saw animal "stories" everywhere, just like their play.


On week two of the play, with a night performance to be followed by another performance the very next morning, my mom treated all of us to a night at a local hotel.  This allowed us to replace driving with sleep, swimming and "office playing".


While I was so ridiculously proud to see my children up on stage acting, I was equally proud to see the way this lovely group of young actors (with such diverse backgrounds and ages) worked together, both on stage and off.  I had the opportunity to be backstage for several performances and watching all of them interact with each other in such a caring and respectful way was very inspiring.  I know that is why Grace and Jackson enjoyed themselves so much throughout this experience.


Countless rehearsals and 11 performances, it consumed our lives for those two months, but definitely in a good way.  They are still sad it is over.  They miss their new friends and the excitment of being a part of something bigger then themselves.


But, they have both assured me, this is not the end.  There will be more plays to come.


Weekend Highlights





~ A late afternoon Friday swimming field trip, just the four of us.  A good start to the weekend.

~ Sun and "warm" (when I took these pictures it was the coldest part of the weekend.  Today was 55, not super impressive for the grown ups but Grace and Jackson thought it was steaming out.  They both had shorts on and bare feet at one point)

~ Wood cut (for next year)

~ Watching both Grace and Jackson carry or tow ridiculously heavy logs of wood.  We just finished reading Pippi Longstocking and I think they were inspired.

~ Playing games with Grace and Jackson during Nora's nap yesterday

~ Chicken coop cleaned (the chickens were so happy about this)

~ Making brunch for everyone today with Grace

~ An evening to myself on Saturday (where I landed at Barnes and Noble to read books and drink Chai tea- awesome)

~ My dad coming out today to help with wood and have dinner


Here We Are


I think that was the longest break I've ever taken from here.  So much so that it stopped even crossing my mind to post.  Now of course I am overwhelmed... there is so much to write about.  But sometimes I just need to say something to get the ball rolling.  More soon.