Puppets 004

met some friends at Teddy Bear Park
performed puppet shows
marched in a band
made more zucchini soup
and zucchini bread
baked two pumpkins
had our first (very successful) family meeting


A Lazy Day

After a very full weekend (and some full days last week) I decided today we needed a nothing day. A do whatever stay in our jammies all day sort of day. Nothing days are very important days around here, and I wanted to make sure we got at least one more in before summer ends.


So we relaxed. This was the scene I found when I got out of the shower. Grace never did make it out of her pajamas.

Laundry 002

And this is the scene that's been piling up for a good week now. A giant basket of clean laundry... just waiting to be folded and hung (apparently this is the consequence of all of our trips to the beach last week). (picture taken by Grace)

Laundry 006

For dinner... fajitas. With our beautiful home grown peppers (well and onion).


I Did It

lastbeachday 076

Today was another wonderfully full day filled with more of our favorite things. Most importantly, I managed to squeeze in another beach day at our favorite secret beach.

lastbeachday 007

lastbeachday 036

lastbeachday 033

lastbeachday 044

lastbeachday 046

lastbeachday 058

lastbeachday 013

lastbeachday 082

We followed it up with ice cream and a trip to the park.

lastbeachday 087

lastbeachday 089

And another batch of tomato soup for dinner (and a jar for the freezer).

lastbeachday 104




morebaking 016

With only 12 days left of our summer, I've decided it is of utmost importance to fill our days up with all our favorite things.

morebaking 032

Like cooking from the garden... today we made 5 jars of pesto.

morebaking 040

Along with a huge batch of zucchini soup.

morebaking 055

Grace and Jackson got some quality outside in their underwear time.

morebaking 064

We laid on a blanket and watched hundreds of huge dragon flies dance over our heads.

morebaking 063

And tonight as we sat down to dinner I marveled at the fact that almost everything on the table came from our garden.

morebaking 075

We are going to have to make sure we include time for melon eating in our last summer days too...


One On One Time With My Girl

beachandbaking 069

Oh dear did Grace wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. It was bad. Thankfully, my mom stayed over last night (since Ryan was out of town) and offered to take Jackson off for some of his own one on one time. I got to keep the crabby girl for myself.

beachandbaking 067

But, as I suspected, this was just what she needed. Some carrot cake baking and some mama time.


Beautiful Beach Day

beachandbaking 029
This may have been one of my favorite days ever at the beach.

beachandbaking 030
It was so warm... but there was also this great "sea" breeze.

beachandbaking 033
We had a picnic...

beachandbaking 037
and played in the sand.

beachandbaking 042
And then to our surprise our friends showed up... and we had the whole beach to ourselves.

beachandbaking 044
It was even warm enough that Jackson wanted to swim.

I need to squeeze at least one more of these days into my summer.



beachandbaking 048
We've been gathering...

beachandbaking 018
and eating.

beachandbaking 056

beachandbaking 015
and cooking.

beachandbaking 016

beachandbaking 027
and baking.

beachandbaking 058

ccake 006
and enjoying...

more tomato soup
midget melons
zucchini bread
pumpkin muffins
carrot cake

And there's so much more to do. Loving this harvest season.


A Special Visit...

pesto 049

From Aunty Nicole and cousin Carver.

pesto 046


pesto 025

This year I thought it would be fun to grow Russian Mammoth sunflowers. They can grow up to 14 feet which at the time seemed impossible to me.

morebaking 002

But let me just say... these sunflowers are mammoth. Huge. So big it seems as though you could climb them. A perfect image for the introduction of this book.


pesto 013

morebaking 028

2 cups of loose basil leaves
2 tbsp of pine nuts
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/2/ cup of parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

Blend everything together.


A Vacuum...

vacuum 016

Also makes a great horse.


How to Make Tomato Soup

soup 013
1. Gather some tomatoes, basil and onions.

soup 015
2. Chop and place in a large pot. Start cooking.

soup 021
3. Don't forget to wear your apron.

soup 024
4. There will be time to fold the laundry while it's simmering.

soup 028
5. Turn off heat. Eat. Or in this case cool and pour in jars.

Real recipe here.