packed 002

Today Grace left for her third overnight in two weeks. Up until recently, she was a little leery of the overnight. She had had them before a few times with both Grandparents but still had not fully embraced them. Then, just a few weeks ago, she suddenly said to me, "mom, I think I'm ready for an overnight, let's call Grandma Lee right now." So we did... and off she went. Only agreeing to come home the next day when a deal was made for another overnight 5 days later. And now tonight she's off with Grandma Sam for the night. I think she's realized the benefits of having her Grandparents all to herself. And while Ryan and I do miss her (and have suddenly fallen to the bottom of the totem pole), it is so fun to see her get so excited to spend the night with her beloved Grandmas.


A Perfect End...

barnflowers 049

barnflowers 053

to our day.

Our Two New Favorite Spots...

The field...
barnflowers 035

barnflowers 045

And the barn...
barnflowers 004

barnflowers 007

First Blooms

barnflowers 020



spring2 031

spring2 028

Today I came out of the shower to a lot of laughing and Grace yelling from the other room "these stinkers are getting into trouble in here". I had suspected something was up because usually the two of them continuously entertain me throughout my shower. But after I hadn't seen either of them in 10 minutes I knew it was time to get out. And sure enough, these stinkers had made quite the mess.

Exploring the Big Woods

spring2 027

This afternoon while outside working on the yard I looked up to see Grace and Jackson starting to head down the trail in the woods. Looking forward to a short work break I came running after yelling "wait for me" only to be met with, "no mom, we want to go for a hike by ourselves." "Oh", I replied, a little caught off guard, "well, I guess that's fine just stay where I can see you and hear you." And off they ran.

Though I hadn't anticipated this day would come quite so soon, I do absolutely love it. The idea of my children off playing in the woods in their own backyard was one of the (many) reasons I fell in love with this place. I went back to my work and listened as they explored on their own. A few times Jackson got stuck or needed help getting around something and I would hear him say "help", at which point Grace would immediately be at his side talking sweetly and helping him get by.

Reason #87 on why I love our farm.

Bon Appetit

spring2 023

spring2 024

Strawberry, tomato soup anyone?


Nature Adventures

spring2 003

spring2 004

spring2 012

spring2 013

We've been adventuring in our backyard a lot these past few weeks. I just learned that all the land behind our house is actually in a land trust... very fun news for my little nature explorers. It's quite beautiful... ponds, hills, and a lot of wildlife. Can't wait for summer hikes and picnics.


The Perfect Weekend

Some highlights from two wonderful days...

springweekend 014

springweekend 025

Cleaned out the milk house and officially turned it into the potting shed
Katie came over with the most delicious dinner
Celebrated Tinkentimes Day
Made some Tinkentimes cookies (of course... to celebrate)

springweekend 004

springweekend 008

Went on a morning walk
Enjoyed the spring sun
Raked the gardens
Grilled dinner

springweekend 021

It was just so good. I needed it too... Friday didn't turn out to be such a good day. Not because of anything family related, just some stuff that came up. But all is well after two great days of fresh air and family.



How we spent our day...
morespring 004

morespring 014
having tea in an outdoor fort...

morespring 017
reading books in the hammock...

morespring 007
did I mention barefoot...

morespring 008
and getting dirty (oh the joy of sand).

Very dirty. I see tub time in our near future (like in the next five minutes). They (actually all of us) are still getting over being sick with a cold. I know some people would think it better for sick kids to stay inside but I always think a little fresh air and sunshine are a great healing remedy. We will see... we certainly got our fair share today. In any case, it was wonderful to feel the warmth of the hot sun again. Spring is definitely here.



morespring 009

morespring 008

We filled our many bird feeders today and boy were our birds happy (though they probably would have been a lot happier had we been good about filling them in the winter). Jackson was mesmerized by it too. He spent a good portion of his day just watching those birds.

morespring 001

Of course we had to have lunch outside again today. And now that our bird feeders are filled we even have some entertainment.


Spring Picnics

spring 007

Another beautiful day! We spent the entire day outside- playing, reading, working on the gardens, going for a walk in the wagon, and eating... lunch and dinner (they're holding up their feet in the lunch picture to show off their bare feet). Ryan got home early enough from work to spend some time with us too. Another heavenly day. I still can't believe that less then two weeks ago we were experiencing this.

spring 013

spring 012


Spring Day

spring 1014

spring 1017

spring 1023

I think it's finally here. Today when we got home I just had to open all the windows and doors. The air was warm and best of all it smelled like spring. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon outside... Ryan worked in the barn, I started getting our gardens ready, and Grace and Jackson ran around playing in their own world. It was pure bliss.

Spring Clothes

spring 1009

spring 1010

spring 1011

spring 1013

Friday night we ended up going to my parent's house for the rest of the weekend. I decided I was in the mood to sew some new spring clothes and jammies. Two skirts for Grace, a pair of capris for her, and jam pants for each. I still need to make some spring pants for Jackson... and matching shirts are coming for all...

Me and My Boy

spring 1001

Just little Jacks and I this weekend...
Grace and Ryan left this morning for his mom's cabin. So far today we have read stacks of books and cleaned a lot. I think he is enjoying having me to himself. If nothing else it means that he doesn't have to take turns listening to his sister's books (he is sooooo into reading lately). And I am enjoying all the cleaning I can do with one less little one to tend to. Though I do miss my girl.


Night Riders

barnbikes 002

barnbikes 010

We are starting to clean out the barn... and it has now become the most wonderful trike and car riding arena. Especially during rainy days (like everyday this week) and evenings (when it's starting to get dark out). The perfect place to burn off some energy before bed.


Spring Fever...

flowershop 045

Well it's official. I have spring fever. But not in a I'm going to pull my hair out sort of a way. More just in a I can't wait for birds and flowers and barefeet sort of way.

flowershop 004

flowershop 001

flowershop 010

So today, armed with our cameras, we headed out to our local nursery to find some spring joy. Though it was nothing like the dizzying colorfulness you find walking through a greenhouse during planting season, we did manage to find inspiration everywhere.

flowershop 023

flowershop 031

flowershop 041

We had sooooo much fun. I think we were there for over an hour.

flowershop 036

flowershop 012

flowershop 017

flowershop 026

It definately got me even more exited for gardening. And Grace and Jackson took some lovely pictures too.

flowershop 020

Jackson's Pictures...
flowershop 165

flowershop 167

flowershop 174

Grace's Pictures...
Gracespics 059

Gracespics 060

Gracespics 064

Counting down the days...