Chiny Chin Chin

I am in love with this chin. I've probably taken over a dozen pictues trying to capture it, but everytime I end up getting his chin... plus the three behind it. I finally realized I needed to take it looking down, which is how I see him everyday when he's in the sling. Seeeeeeee.


The Sling

When Grace was born I just could not master the sling. Although in all fairness, I didn't give it much effort. I had one sling to chose from and she just wasn't a fan of it. This time around I was determined to get it figured out, so I armed myself with several different sling choices and some experienced "slingers" to advise me. Instant success. Initially Jackson spent most of his hours in the "New Native" baby carrier. But by two months he was starting to protest that one so we moved to a pouch (big fan) by "Kangaroo Korner". But the biggest babywearing milestone was crossed this weekend when we mastered the "just plain long piece of fabric" sling. I'm not exactly sure why this was so intimidating to me because it's really quite easy, and fun. There are so many ways to wear it. It's very comfortable and it's nice to give my left shoulder a break. I can't wait to go buy some fun colored fabrics to make more of them!



When I was little I use to constantly draw pictures of "the perfect farm" that I was going to live on someday. So, it's no surprise to me that I suddenly realized I want to live on a farm. What was surprising to me was that I realized I want to live on one now. So begins my newest dream. And yes, I am still looking for the perfect one... a nice red barn, an old renovated farm house, big trees, water of some sort. A place where my children can run freely and play. A house with a big farm kitchen with a long heavy wooden table that we crowd around to share all of our meals. Land where we can grow our own food, and someday even have some animals. I think this dream might include having four children too. Oh wait, maybe that's another dream...

Today's Painting Surfaces (unbeknownst to me)

Cheek ("look mom, face painting")


Rock Climbing

Thank goodness today was such a beautiful day. I think being inside all day yesterday left Grace with a lot of energy to burn off today. She was a little feisty this morning. Nothing that some fresh air and sunshine couldn't cure though. After that we went out to lunch together at the little bakery in town. And this afternoon might be our first apple pie together. We will see how the mood is...


Nothing Day

It was a cold and rainy day today so we all (that's right, me too) stayed in our pajamas the entire day. Or as Grace would say, we were a bunch of "lazy bums". Whenever we have these days I always feel kind of good thinking how nice it is for all of us to have a break in the action. Just a day where there is nothing we have to do, no where we have to go. Not very many people have "nothing days" on a regular basis, so I guess I feel kind of lucky that we do. And the picture, well that's Grace putting on a puppet show, which is something we did today... but really I'm just looking for an excuse to post the puppet theater I made.


My Lesson

Today after plenty of morning play time we were off to run errands. Usually before we go somewhere I attempt to do something with Grace's hair. Today she got to it first. "Look mom, I can put my barrettes in all by myself!" There were no less then half a dozen barrettes clumped together on one side of her head. She was so delighted with herself I knew I had to quickly get over my immature feelings of "wanting her hair to look cute" (seriously who is the adult here) and be excited with her. And boy was I glad I did. Watching her face light up whenever anyone commented on her "beautiful hair" was definately my lesson of the day.


Two Months Ago...

It's true that when ever anyone asks I tell them birthing Jackson into this world was my dream birth. It's not that it was easy, or pain free... in fact at times it was quite painful. But there has never been a time in my life that I have felt more alive or empowered. He was born in the water, in the middle of the night, during a thunderstorm. We were the only ones at the hospital, and for the majority of the labor, it was just my husband there to help me breathe through the contractions. My midwife came in to assist only when it was time to push. At this point I also needed some reassurance that I could really do this- which she and Ryan both helped me believe that I could. After 25 minutes of pushing, my midwife brought my hands down to "catch" my baby. I brought him up to lay on my chest. And there, in that moment, I'm just not sure what words could capture it... bliss, ecstasy, serenity...the feeling I had was unlike anything I've ever experienced. But even more wonderful then that, was how happy I was for him, because what could be a more wonderful way to come into this world.

Tomorrow's Agenda

The other day we were at the park and collected some beautiful fall leaves for a "special project" which was originally just going to be a wax paper placemat. But that afternoon as the sun was shining in the window for some reason I thought to hang it there. As elementary as the project is it still brings me a little bit of fall joy everytime I look at it. Anyway, tonight Grace requested that we make another one tomorrow. And so we will.

Two Years Ago

This day is one of my favorite memories. Grace was nine months old and starting to show such a personality. We were at the park together for a picnic soaking up the beautiful early fall weather. The memory stands out in my mind so clearly because it was one of those rare moments where I was really present with her. Not thinking about anything else, just truly enjoying her company.
Later that night I decided I wanted to start a blog so I could record all of these moments. So I did... only I never wrote in it. For some reason it was too intimidating to me. Fortunately, this summer I discovered some inspiring mothering blogs and recently caught myself thinking how lucky these families are to have all of their wonderful memories in a safe place. I decided that maybe my children could be lucky too.


Fall...how I love thee

There is nothing better then this time of year...not too hot, not too cold, no bugs, no sunscreen, and just beautiful. Today the four of us went to Interstate Park, one of my favorite places in the world. Not as fun to be there on a Saturday with all of the tourists, but then again it reminds me how lucky I am to live within walking distance.