Where We Are










Sometimes I get behind on coming here and then it becomes very hard to return.  There are so many posts to catch up on (Grace's play!  Field trips!  The retreat Grace and I just went on!  The garden!) and it all just seems to overwhelming.  In times like that it's easier if I just forget about all of that for now and start where we are.  So where we are...

~ The flowers are starting to bloom here.  This might be my favorite time of year on our farm.  After what seems like almost two weeks of blooming the magnolia tree is just starting to drop it's velvety petals.  Nora has repeatedly brought me excitedly to some new patch of color to show me her discovery.

~ A week ago, just before we were going to be heading out to the laundry mat with a load of towels and rugs (can't seem to get them to not feel like sandpaper after being on the line) I decided to just give our dryer another test.  Magically it started working again.  I was both ecstatic and depressed.  Ecstatic because I didn't even realize how much I missed it.  I mean I hate to say it because I really want to be someone who always hangs their laundry on the line but once it was working again I really just wanted to snuggle up with it, maybe even write it a love letter or two.  But I was also depressed because I worried I'd never go back to my laundry line, it had just finally became a part of my everyday routine.  But surprisingly after a week of using my dryer again I started really missing the laundry line.  So now I'm back to it.  Except for the towels.  Not sure I can ever get use to that one.

~ This weekend Nora was helping me with the laundry and as she peeked through some hanging shirts it suddenly reminded me of this day with Grace five years ago.  Awwww... so cute.

~  We've gotten the barn almost all cleaned up for the season and are starting to eat dinner out there whenever the weather permits.

~  Dinner in the barn is usually followed up with some sort of barn "show".

~  We did some clay work last week for school.  Forgot how much we all love that.

~ The garden... we planted some kale and lettuce three weeks ago and it is finally starting to sprout.  But today was the first day we've really had a chance to spend a big chunk of time working in there.  Can't wait to get back out there tomorrow.