Gardening, Gardening and more Gardening



Little by little is how it seems to go these days with the garden.  It's not that I'm not out there, it's just that (and maybe this is how it always is) things seem to move in slow motion.  The last few mornings I have raced to get breakfast on the table so that I can get outside.  Today despite spending over two hours out there, I only had pumpkins planted.  Although Grace planted carrots and Jackson finally decided he was ready to plant his garden, so all that counts too of course.  But between helping those two and wheelbarrowing compost and leaves somehow pumpkins were the only thing I got done.  I don't know if I've ever spent as much time trying to prepare the soil as I've done this year.  Our soil here is not so great and our compost has definitely helped but it's still not ideal.  This year I mixed fresh compost into each bed before planting and then added another layer on top of that after it was planted.  They I added dried, mulched leaves and grass on top of all that.  It has been time consuming but hopefully it will pay off.  Tonight before everyone went to bed I managed to get my beans planted with the help of my littlest sidekick.  It will be interesting to see what comes up- and where- in that bed.  I think squash, edemame, and potatoes are all I have left.


Memorial Weekend













~ Starting our weekend off with a date- just Ryan and I- at the Greenroom on the rooftop terrace
~ Sun, every single day
~ A lot of gardening
~ Going into Stillwater to visit some shops and have dinner (though dinner not as much a highlight for Ryan and I as Nora screamed her way through it)
~ Making plans for our upcycled greenhouse
~ Having bonfires
~ Continuing bonfires after the kids went to bed
~ Setting up the tent
~ Grandma Lee and Papa coming out for grilling, softball playing and smores
~ Watching the "trapeze" show Grace and Jackson put on in the barn
~  Building a "pool" in Ryan's trailer (yes, I'm both embarrassed and proud to say, they did), inspired by Grace and Jackson's favorite Sparkle Story
~ More gardening
~ Ending the weekend with a trip to the park


Mud Baking...



equals happiness for all.








Parenting is such a funny thing.  I find that anytime I feel like I am finally prepared to deal with a particular issue one of my children is struggling with, suddenly life will up the ante just a bit.  Last night I stayed up way too late watching everything Shefali Tsabary.  Her important message on parenting couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me.  I have been struggling so much with Grace lately and I really needed some guidance on how to handle things better.  I went to bed inspired and ready to face the day.  Then today came and it turns out what I really need is Shefali Tsabary to be sitting here in my kitchen with me.

Well, actually I didn't handle it that badly, and more importantly, what I'm learning is that these moments usually pass rather quickly.  And despite her resistance to our plans for our day ("but planting trees isn't fun!") and Grace telling me she wanted to hit me over the head with her metal shovel (she didn't of course- but having someone tell you that isn't exactly pleasant), once the day actually got going, it was a really good one.  So I also do need to remember to not let those moments carry so much weight.

Grace apologized several times later.  I know she doesn't want to say things like that or to act so defiantly.  She feels so bad afterwords.  Trying to help her find better ways to deal with her strong feelings is a tricky dance that Ryan and I spend a lot of time talking about these days.
But back to parenting being a funny thing.  After we got home from planting our trees with our homeschool group (it turns out it is fun), as we were sitting around in the warm sun playing with our baby chicks (who were so thrilled to be exploring the outdoors for the first time), and as Jackson picked dandelions... and Nora ate them... and Grace sang a tune, I was overcome with gratitude for the opportunity to be parenting these three silly, imaginative, creative, loving, and yes, sometimes challenging, little souls.

What a gift I have been given.



Weekend Highlights






~ A date with myself Friday night to see the Matisse exhibit at the MIA (actually my second time seeing it but I had the kids with me the first time).
~ Date continuing with Ryan when I got home (wine and a comedian).
~ Beautiful weather.  Beautiful.
  ~ Some gardening for me, wood chopping for Ryan.
~ Katie and Kris out for dinner- fish fry and campfire style hot dogs.
~ Bonfire continuing until 11:30 sans children.
~ Bonfire part II in the morning on Sunday (why stop).
~ My nap
~ A lot of softball playing
~ A visit to the Shepard's Harvest.


Farm Week at "School"







This week we finally got to pick up our much anticipated baby chicks.  Oh they are cute.  And of course it brings me back to  our first little chicks.  They are getting a lot of love from all of us.  Nothing brings more joy then hearing those little peeps.  Although Nora prefers to love them from a distance.  She will often run over to their cage and give me an update on how they're doing.  They are in our house for now, and will be for the next week or so until it warms up a bit outside and we can make a proper spot for them in the coop.




We have been working and working on the gardens.  I have broccoli, peas, spinach, radishes, kale, beets, lettuce and micro greens planted.  Grace and Jackson also get their very own garden this year.  Grace has planted beets, carrots, lettuce and nasturtiums so far in her half.  Nora got all of her rocks planted as well.



And finally, we are experimenting with making our own yogurt.  I recently got a yogurt maker and even more recently was hooked up with a local farm to supply us with fresh milk.  I will find out the results tomorrow morning...



Mother's Day Weekend Highlights






~ One whole day in the garden with everyone helping and playing around me
~ One more load of pea gravel
~ Sun
~ Three hours to myself to paint (bliss)
~ More painting with my kiddos when they returned
~ One aronia bush and four porch plants (Grace and Jackson each insisted on buying me some small plants with their own money)
~ Out to dinner at Chilkoot
~ Playing "stuke monster" at "stuke park"
~ Planting my new plants