The First Thanksgiving Dinner

It was perfect. Mostly anyway. We did forget the potatoes and gravy. And Grace and Jackson were both getting over being sick (note her pajamas). Oh and our house has an entire room filled with boxes that we still haven't gotten to yet. But really somehow still, it was perfect. I love this house and I loved having thanksgiving here with my family. (Did I mention my husband was wearing sweatpants and a camouflaged hat?)


Tub Time

Winter Wonderland

I don't know... for some reason I just love these trees

Grace playing in the snow by the barn

The "Milk House" and my soon to be new potting shed

My New Life

We officially moved in to our new farm on Nov. 1st! It is amazing! Truely the life of my dreams! That being said I have also had many moments of being overwelmed with the amount of work to be done and am constantly reminding myself that I have my entire life to do it. More pictures coming...