New clothes...
Makin 001

Makin 002

Makin 014

Colorful bouquets... (yesterday morning I got to sleep in for just a little... when I came downstairs Grace and Jackson were just coming inside with this beautiful bouquet. needless to say it was a pretty good start to my day.)
Makin 009

Winter scarves (Grace recently learned how to knit!)...
today 007

Dried herbs (for winter)...
Makin 006

Our favorite taco salad (with our lettuce and first tomatoes)...
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Makin 021

(I think I'm starting to get my energy back...)


800 Degrees

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newbeach 036

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newbeach 038

We visited a new to us beach today that we all fell in love with.  And it was the perfect day to be there... one of those days where the only way to be comfortable was to be sitting in the water.   We'll definitely be back here this summer. 



The beginning of our harvest season has arrived and so far we couldn't be more pleased.

Jacksonbday 004

The peas did amazingly well.  So well, I'm actually worried I won't use them all.  I'm in the process of blanching and freezing as many as I can but I may have started this process a little too late.  Needless to say we have been eating peas for breakfast lunch and dinner.

bugcatchers 013

Possibly my most favorite "crop" we have, our black raspberries, are the biggest, juiciest berries to date.  I think it is because of all the rain this year.  We have picked over 20 buckets of them, with hopefully more to go.  I am freezing many of the buckets for use throughout the year.


Our broccoli was really successful this year (though we did loose a few plants over the week we were gone to heat). I made the last two bunches into our favorite broccoli soup for dinner tonight.


And most exciting of all... we are just days away from our first tomatoes!


My Little Bug Catchers (And A Really Good Day)

bugcatchers 008

bugcatchers 009

bugcatchers 011

Now that was a good day. 

I think it's worth saying that out loud considering all the ups and downs we've had here in the last few months.  While our days have continued to get better as I mentioned, there have still been some recent set backs.

But today was a good one.  A real good one.

Highlights from our day...
~ It was a beautiful, sunny and not too hot day
~ I weeded all the back gardens
~ I checked on my bees
~ Grace and Jackson played nicely together all day
~ I was even allowed to take a nap(!)
~ We picked two more buckets of black raspberries
~ And probably ate one bucket
~ There was leftover cake
~ My day ended with my children giving me a foot massage (I'm not kidding)

I am definately going to bed smiling tonight.



I know, I say it every time one of their birthdays rolls around... but it all goes so fast. Three? That just seems so big.

Jacksonbday 006

Jacksonbday 011

But it happened anyway. And he loved every minute of it. A nice simple day of family visitors and grilling and ice cream and cake (I made the same cake I made for Grace's birthday but covered it with our black raspberries... which are his favorite).

It was perfect.

4th Of July Vacation (A Little Behind)

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Cabinhome 088



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Cabinhome 122



forthnorth 192

And today we're off! 
Looking forward to a week of this...