When Nora finally woke up this morning Jackson and Grace (already awake) came bursting in the room unable to contain their excitement.  I think I have butterflies! Jackson (not Nora) said, encouraging Nora to hurry! and get up so she could do the treasure hunt he made her.  Grace was equally pumped having spent the morning arranging the "critters" she got Nora into a little scene.  The way the tend to her on her birthday is so precious.

This is the first birthday she opted out of having a family party in exchange for a friend one (I only have it in me to do one party per child) which we will do in a few weeks.  So that meant the day was fairly quiet.  Bad winter weather kept us all close to home with a few scattered visitors- my mom for lunch and Grandma Sam, Grandpa Scott, and Great-Grandma for dinner.

She told me it feels very different being five.  And she even put on some of her size 4 clothes and declared they no longer fits.  Clearly she is much bigger now that she's 5.

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